Stronger Than You Believe

Lily's House is a safe place where families who are currently in crisis due to the influences of addiction, abuse, poverty or abandonment are provided the resources to heal and grow together. We offer hope to young mothers who dream of a better life.

Breaking the Cycle

Young women, many of whom are mothers may only have experienced a life of abuse, addiction and abandonment. We believe many of them desperately desire to break the cycle. Lily House empowers and supports women to build a better life.

Our Mission

We seek to assist women as they overcome addiction and to support them as they rebuild their families. We are a long-term substance abuse recovery home for mothers who are seeking a better life for themselves and their children.


Each story will be uniquely their own. We are committed to making it one filled with renewed innocence, purity and beauty. Partner with us in making Lily’s House an organization that will aid women in becoming all God has called them to be.

Lily’s House Fundraisers

Upcoming Fundraiser Fall 2022 – Check back soon!

Meet Our Board of Directors

Each of our directors heads up a committee of volunteers; it is this team that makes Lily's House possible. Interested in volunteering with us? Contact use through email to learn more!


Sara Vick, Foster Parent 27 th Circuit


Jeff Vick, Client Services Manager

Director of Infrastructure

Steve Hubbard, General Contractor

Industries Director

Diane Ferguson, Registered Nurse

Finance Director

Mary Kendrick, Bank Officer

Program Director

Tiffany Essenpries, Family Therapist

Fundraising Director

Shelli Diehl-White, Legal Secretary

Communications Directors

MaryEllen Sears, Adrian R-III Teacher & Matt Sears, Adrian City Councilman

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Want to learn more about Lily's House? Every month we will be answering questions people may have about Lily’s House, addiction, and how addiction impacts individuals, families, and communities. Navigate to the blog tab to learn more!

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