This week we are spotlighting Kellie Davidson, an amazing board member who is currently Lily House’s Director of Safety and Security.

How long have you been on the board at Lily’s House and what is your role in the organization?

I have been on the board since the beginning of Lily’s house. I am the director of safety and security.  

What great things have you seen accomplished at Lily’s House since you’ve been involved? 

My husband and I were foster parents and met the Vick’s through our foster training.  We saw a huge need that existed in our community.  Often when women found themselves in active addiction and their children were taken into foster care, there wasn’t a lot of support for them, ways they could break the cycle.  I am honored to be a part of Lily’s house and I have seen first hand families be repaired and individuals getting second chances at life and with their children  To live life differently and learn healthy coping skills.  

How has serving at Lily’s House been a blessing in your life?

To be able to continue to help be even a little part of making a difference in these families is such a blessing.  We want to continue to be a safe place for those that suffer with addiction and desire a different way of life.  A place of hope.  

What would you like people to know about Lily’s House that they might not already know?

Lily’s house is changing lives. So many of us know someone who has suffered from addiction of some sort.  It can rip families apart.  The person who suffers becomes a shell of themselves.  Lily’s house is a safe place where these ladies can live a different way of life, learn healthy coping skills, and make a healthy and new start for themselves and their children.  For those that complete our program, their lives and the lives of their children are forever changed.  

What is a specific vision you have for the future of Lily’s House?

I pray we are able to continue to help more women and their children find hope.  We also hope to help them transition into their new life outside of Lily’s house by helping develop Lily’s house transitional housing. Ideally this would be a set of apartments or duplexes that Lily’s house would own and would be the final phase of the recovery program.    

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