This week we are spotlighting Sara Bidondo, a passionate and wonderful woman who has been leading recovery groups at Lily’s House.

In what capacity are you involved with Lily’s House and for how long have you been involved?
I have been leading Recovery Groups for the Lily’s House since March 2020

What great things have you seen accomplished at Lily’s House since you’ve been involved?
I have seen families reunited and women overcome addiction.

How has serving at Lily’s House changed your life?
I have realized that I have been putting my passion of helping women step out of and end the cycle of addiction in their families on the side lines for too long.

Can you give a specific example of a time when you saw something amazing happen in the life of one of our moms?
When they have overcome their past and then have a drive to give back to women in the same position they were in.

What would you like people to know about Lily’s House that they might not already know?

There is a community ready to rally around the broken and hurting, all you need to do is make the first step and reach out. When people are given the opportunity of long term treatment with support and stability they are more likely to succeed and break the chains of addiction!

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