This week we are spotlighting Ashley Sehorn, a wonderful lady who we have all come to love. Her life is an awesome example of God doing great works to help her break free from addiction and reconcile relationships with her family.

Number of children and their ages:
I have two children, a 1 year old boy and 12 your old daughter.

What circumstances led you to seek help at Lily’s House?
I was pregnant, I had a drug addiction, I was in an abusive relationship, I hadn’t seen my daughter in 5 years.

How has Lily’s House helped you redirect your life?
Structure, showing me love, understanding me, giving me guidance and a safe place to live.

How has Lily’s House helped you to be a better mom?
Groups, transportation, parenting, gave me the foundation to start a good life for my children and myself, they helped me get that second chance with my daughter. I learned to love myself here.

Can you give us a specific example of a time when the staff or volunteers at Lily’s House made a difference in your recovery?
Kelly was always here for me no matter what she kept pushing me to do better and to not lose hope. She gave me peace when I was letting fear get the best of me. She was there when my son was born and when I was reunited with my daughter again.

What are you doing now?

I work full-time between being the live-in-staff for the Lilys House and also running the Lily Pad. It has been a huge blessing because I grow stronger each day in my recovery by helping other woman

I am right where I am supposed to be and it’s an awesome way for me to give back to the lily house! I am the best mother I can be for both my children.

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