This week we are spotlighting our wonderful Sarah Woolsey. She is an incredibly strong Mom who came to us seeking help, and she is now helping others who are struggling with sobriety, staying active in her church, being a great mom to Drake, and many more wonderful things.

Number of children and their ages:

I have one 7 year old son Drake.

What circumstances led you to seek help at Lily’s House?

I struggled with drugs & other things for 15 yrs but I saw my son going through what I went through as a child and I wanted to change.

How has Lily’s House helped you redirect your life?

They helped me learn skills to handle everyday situations, encouraged my relationship with God, and also provided counseling for my son and I to heal from trauma.

How has Lily’s House helped you to be a better mom?

Mostly they gave us an environment to start the healing process for our relationship, also teaching me how to deal with my own emotions which allowed me to teach my son.

Can you give us a specific example of a time when the staff or volunteers at Lily’s House made a difference in your recovery?

What I was really lacking when I got to Lily’s House was a relationship with God. And shortly after being there I was saved and one of the staff was with me on the night in November of 2019 my life really changed forever.

What are you doing now?

I have my own place and I have my son. I’m the manager at Jimmy John’s. I have been baptized at my church and I am involved with activities and Ministry there. I have also helped some family members get sober.  And I’ve been sober for a little over a year and a half

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