This week we are spotlighting Tiffany Essenpries who serves as a board member and Children’s Advocate at Lily’s House. She is so compassionate in her guidance and work with the ladies and brings nothing but joy and healing to our families.

How long have you been on the board at Lily’s House and what is your role in the organization?

I am the Children’s Advocate at Lily House. I’ve been on the board for approximately 1 year and have been with Lily House for 2 years. I am the children/family therapist. At Lily House I get the opportunity to work with really great kids and their mothers. This comes in a variety of ways through individual and family therapy, observation, parenting groups, family meetings, etc. 

What great things have you seen accomplished at Lily’s House since you’ve been involved? 

Since becoming involved with Lily House, I’ve seen such amazing dedication and just all out support for the mothers and children that come. Since starting with Lily House, we now have a comprehensive full in house substance abuse treatment program. A lot of time and energy has gone into ensuring that the needed groups and other treatment activities are in place. We are beginning to see the fruit of that labor as we move into the second year of in house treatment. 

How has serving at Lily’s House been a blessing in your life?

Serving at Lily’s House is a huge blessing to me.  I’ve seen lives changed. Children are being reunified safely with their mothers, families are reconnecting, new relationships are being established, and mother’s are experiencing long term sobriety. My passion has always been child welfare. To be able to serve in a capacity that taps into that is amazing. 

What would you like people to know about Lily’s House that they might not already know?

I think we all know that God has his full hand on Lily House. Something people may not realize is that it’s an amazing creative treatment program. When I say this, I mean that short term cookie cutter programs is often not what breaks the cycle for these moms. The treatment program is long term (12-18 months), individually focused, and plans are created around the best interest of mom/children.  Working alongside a great team with a diverse skill set.  Everyone is able to come to the table with ideas and solutions that have really benefited Lily House and the residents. Lily’s House is a place where mothers and their children really do come to heal, learn to trust, believe in themselves, truly be sober, and feel proud when they leave the program. 

What is a specific vision you have for the future of Lily’s House?

I would love to see continued support from the community for Lily House. That has made a difference in not only being able to meet physical aspects of Lily House need, but emotional/community connections for those coming to Lily House. I would like to continue growing the children’s program. There have been neat things such as children’s groups, hands on family and children’s therapy, a calming corner, sensory backpacks, etc that have been used depending on the children and families needs. I love being able to be creative and mold the treatment where needed, and hope to continue serving with Lily House for quite some time!

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