This week we are spotlighting Julie Bridges who is a vital part of our Lily’s House team of staff and volunteers. She has worked these past two years with our women and children in creating stability for their daily lives through routines.

In what capacity are you involved with Lily’s House and for how long have you been involved?

I work at the shelter part-time.  I help the women and their children with their daily routines.  I’ve been there for about two years.  

What great things have you seen accomplished at Lily’s House since you’ve been involved? 

I’ve seen some really great things happen at the Lily House.  Several of the women have given their lives to Christ and are being discipled through this program. 

It’s great to see them changing their life for the better, and In my position, I am able to see some of the small steps that are involved.  These women have to work hard to get their lives back in order, and some of them have to get custody of their children back.  It’s an emotional process and takes much patience, but it’s amazing to see what God has done in their lives.  There’s not one lady that’s been through this program that hasn’t been blessed tremendously, even if they only stay a couple of weeks.  

How has serving at Lily’s House changed your life?

It has changed my life to be serving at the Lily House because it is a very fulfilling job.  We are providing for the needs of women and children that may not have another way.  

Can you give a specific example of a time when you saw something amazing happen in the life of one of our moms?

One. Haha!  There’s so many.  One of my favorite things is when the girls give their testimony.  The things they have been through are unimaginable.  The women and children that come to the Lily House have had some terrible struggles.  I love to see when they give their testimony because they are sharing their lives with us and many others, and it’s a really important step for them to tell others what God has done in their life.  I can’t even begin to understand all that they’ve been through, but I’m so thankful that they have a way to get help, and that I am blessed to be involved.  

What would you like people to know about Lily’s House that they might not already know?

I would like everyone to know that God is doing a good work here at the Lily House.  It’s such a great way for the community to come together and help out in different ways.  God has provided so well through the help of the community, it’s just amazing. 

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