This week we are spotlighting Ben and Shelby Strauch. They have been an integral part of the our team for the past three years as board members. Their passion for helping the Lily’s House families is evident in their work and dedication.

How long have you been on the board at Lily’s House and what is your role in the organization?

We have been on the board for three years. We are co-chairs of the selection and disciplinary committees.

What great things have you seen accomplished at Lily’s House since you’ve been involved?

We have witnessed many blessings at Lily’s house. Women reunite with their children that they have not seen in years, women overcome addictions to have healthy pregnancies and bring healthy babies into the world, women that work hard to get out of debt and face their legal problems so that they can go on to live securely on their own with their children. The list goes on and on!

How has serving at Lily’s House been a blessing in your life?

Serving on the board at Lily’s house has opened doors to new relationships that have fostered long-term friendships. Being able to witness mothers regain custody of their children and watching a child is the best feeling in the world. Working with these mothers and knowing the children will be raised in a healthy environment is the biggest blessing.

What would you like people to know about Lily’s House that they might not already know?

Lily’s House is a long-term program, lasting between 12 and 18 months on average. We offer our own in-house recovery program with four phases. In phases 3 and 4, our residents are able to pursue schooling and/or careers that they may continue after graduation.

What is a specific vision you have for the future of Lily’s House?        

We hope to see transitional housing in the Lily’s House future one day. Ideally, this would like apartment or duplex housing where our residents could move into after graduating from Lily’s House. They would pay a lower rent than if they found a place on their own and still be able to attend recovery groups and check in at Lily’s House.

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