Jeff & Sara Vick


Hello, we are Jeff and Sara Vick and we would like to introduce ourselves and our mission — Lily’s House. When we moved to Adrian, MO, Sara’s hometown 50 miles south of Kansas City, we made the decision to become foster parents. Little did we know that decision would be life changing and lead to the creation of a shelter committed to helping young mothers and their children.

Lily’s House is a long-term substance abuse recovery home for mothers and their children. Since Lily’s House was founded in 2017, we have…

  1. Purchased and renovated the Lily’s House Shelter

  2. Purchased our thrift Store The Lily Pad Thrift and Gift which subsidizes our operating expenses

  3. Created Lily’s House Community Garden

  4. Purchased a house and lot in Adrian that will serve as transitional housing for our graduates

  5. Relocated a house that was given to us that we have placed on this lot which serves as transitional housing

  6. Received numerous grants that have helped us to fund many of the projects we have tackled

  7. Most importantly as of October of ‘23 – 36 mothers and 89 children have called Lily’s House home. 

Our residents have come to us from Jackson, Cass, Bates and Vernon counties. We have given these young families the opportunity to have a fresh start on life, an opportunity to live clean and sober.

We are helping these young mothers to break generational cycles of substance abuse, neglect and abandonment. The smiles and healed hearts speak for themselves. Stories of continued sobriety, family reunification and integration into the community, successful careers, financial independence and so much more. Read a few of these inspiring stories on the Success Stories tab. 

In early 2020 we were awarded the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) grant. We have used these funds to help renovate the Shelter, aid in our efforts to address transitional housing needs and get a start on creating a community resource center where we will be able to assist families in crisis who do not meet the criteria to be a resident in Lily’s House. 

Your generosity inspires and enables us to achieve our mission of creating a community where mothers are empowered to create new opportunities for their families. You are part of a powerful force that is improving our community. We are grateful for you.