Why Have We Opened a Women’s Shelter in Adrian?

Bates County ranks as one of the highest counties in Missouri in drug addiction. It also ranks as one of the leading counties in domestic violence and poverty. In spite of the staggering statistics, there was not a Women’s Shelter in Bates County until Lily’s House. We believe in rehabilitation, resilience, and reconciliation.

Who Do We Serve?

Our model is to provide services for women, the majority of whom have children and are struggling to free themselves from the chains of addiction, abuse and abandonment. Our focus is on the people who are already actively working with support agencies but have no resources or a support network to provide for themselves or their children.

What is the Criteria to Enter the Program?

1. A woman struggling with drug or alcohol addiction; Age 18 or older
2. Must be pregnant, have children, or be working to regain custody of children.
3. Children must be 8 years old or younger to reside at Lily’s House.
4. Lily’s House is a tobacco-free facility, so smoking will not be allowed.

If you or someone you know may be a candidate for the Lily’s House program, please contact Sara Vick at (417) 849-4156 to begin the application process.

Are Kids Involved?

Yes, the women we serve are mothers. Part of the journey of healing may include reconnecting mothers with children they haven’t been in contact with. Lily’s House accommodates and supports the needs of these families with private bedrooms, play areas, programs and therapy.

What Services Are Offered?

As a resident at Lily’s House, the ladies are offered an abundance of services such as family therapy, parenting classes and groups, money management, meal planning, and recovery groups. We provide professional, in-house counseling and help in navigating other agencies and assistance that might be able to provide additional support for our moms.

Who Are We Partnered With?

We have partnered with numerous agencies to meet specific needs. This includes DFS (Division of Family Services), Bates County Memorial, Adrian Police and Fire, area schools, area churches, Bates County Juvenile Office, Bates County Sheriff Dept., Bates County Food Pantry, and several more. We work hard to ensure we are equipping and empowering our residents to break the chain of addiction, abuse and abandonment.

What is Homeless Missourians Information System (HMIS)?

Lily’s House uses the HMIS (Homeless Missourians Data System) to collect information on clients that participate in our programs. The HMIS was developed to meet a data collection requirement made by the United States Congress and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Congress passed this requirement in order to get a more accurate count of individuals who are homeless and to identify the need for and use of different services by those individuals and families. Lily’s House is collecting statistical information on those who use our services and report this information to a central data collection system.

What is Lily’s House Doing to Be Sustainable?

We have a large garden space and greenhouse right outside of Lily’s House for the women to grow their own food. Furthermore, we run the Lily Pad on Main Street where all proceeds go to supporting our women. The Lily Pad also provides jobs for the women which teaches them responsibility, how to run a business, and allows them to have a hand in supporting themselves. Please check out the Lily Pad tab to learn more.

How Is Lily’s House Funded?

While the heartbeat of Lily’s House will always be grass roots community support, we understand there must be more. We have been the recipients of several grants and we are working to increase corporate support of Lily’s House.

What About Transitional Housing?

We are currently working to expand our services to providing transitional housing for the women and their families to live in post-graduation.

How Can I Help?

First, ask yourself how your skill set may help these families feel empowered and encouraged. Then reach out to Lily’s House via email to learn where you can fit in to our team as a volunteer. In addition, your financial support is incredibly valued. One-time contributions are as valuable as monthly pledges! Finally, look out for any fundraisers and shop/donate local at the Lily Pad.

How Are We Making A Difference?

We empower women to take hold of their lives in order to overcome addiction and reconcile families. Our vision for continued sobriety, family reunification and integration into the community is long-term. We understand this journey takes time.