Since opening in 2018 we have helped transform the lives of 33 Families

This young mother came to us from jail. She was a repeat offender who made the decision in her heart to start a new life but did not have a support network. She spent 14 months with us at Lily’s House, and is now a faithful employee at a local store. Through hard work and determination she was able to regain custody of her two young boys and she is living life clean and sober.

Another resident was a user from the young age of 14. During this time she was in and out of jail on numerous charges. After waiting 7 months for her to be released from jail, she came to us 9 months pregnant. Now she and her son are thriving! She is working at a local store in our community and is 15 months clean and sober.

Another mother at Lily’s House has been in and out of unhealthy relationships and several cycles of addiction. When she determined she was ready to live a different life, she lacked the support that would allow her to create that opportunity. Lily’s House offered her that community. She is now clean and lives a life free of fear and abuse with her child.

Ashley Sehorn

Lily’s House Graduate

I can confidently say that I have become the person I have only dreamed of being. I love me today, I love my kids, I love my family, I love every person involved with the Lily’s house because without all of you I wouldn’t be me today”

Watch our brave Lily’s House women share their testimonies below.

Ashely’s Testimony

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Molessa’s Testimony

Alicia’s Testimony