This week we are spotlighting Molessa Austin, an awesome women who came to Lily’s House seeking help and is now raising her kids and 10 months sober!

What circumstances led you to seek help at Lily’s House?

Alcoholic, addiction, homeless and domestic violence.

Number of children and their ages:

Two ages 5 and 15.

How has Lily’s House helped you redirect your life?

Amazing groups such as relapse prevention, codependency, ptsd, parenting, family therapy, Christ based recovery, introducing me to faith and The Word. Healthy relationships and support through the community and church. 

How has Lily’s House helped you to be a better mom?

Family therapy and parenting groups. Positive talk, coping skills for myself and the children. Accountability and consequences learning. Following through with what is said. 

Can you give us a specific example of a time when the staff or volunteers at Lily’s House made a difference in your recovery?

When Rachelle came to do CCR and the 12 steps with us in house. She gifted me a Bible that is correlated to recovery. It helped me to understand and put it towards my life in every aspect.

What are you doing now?

I’ve been raising my kids sober for 10 months!  I’m working part time at Lily’s House helping women currently in the program and also working part time at Adrian Manor.

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